Bloodhound Missile Preservation Group

Dedicated to Bloodhound MkI and MkII
Surface to Air Guided Weapon (SAGW) Preservation

Bloodhound was an important part of the UK's air defence system during the Cold War. At the end of the Cold War in 1991 parts of the Bloodhound missile system were sent to museums or were privately purchased. Today, much of what remains of Bloodhound is in urgent need of restoration if it is to be preserved as a monument to the Cold war for future generations. If you are interested in being part of an organisation that will be active in Bloodhound preservation then why not join the Bloodhound Missile Preservation Group (BMPG). By joining the BMPG you can contribute with your knowledge, carry out restoration work, or simply stay informed on progress. It costs nothing to join, simply email or write to Pete Harry for further information.

Bloodhound News

Issue 2 (December 2012) of Bloodhound news is now available here.

Objectives of the BMPG

  • To research and document the deployment of Bloodhound SAGW squadrons in the UK and abroad
  • To research and document the development and technical details of the Bloodhound SAGW system
  • To support the preservation of Bloodhound SAGW equipment (missiles, radar, launch control post and ancillary equipment)
  • To foster a spirit of support and goodwill between the BMPG, museums and other organisations who own or are the custodians of Bloodhound SAGW equipment
  • To generate funds to support the preservation of Bloodhound SAGW equipment
  • To provide the means by which members of the BMPG can be involved in preservation projects
  • To provide for education in the role of Bloodhound SAGW during the Cold War
  • To provide a forum for all interested in the development, history and operation the the Bloodhound SAGW system
  • From time to time organise social functions

Contact Information

For further information please contact:
Pete Harry
7 Pinkham
Cleobury Mortimer
DY14 8QE


If you were involved in the development or RAF deployment of Bloodhound why not join the BMPG Yahoo group?

The BMPG will also be organizing events and reunions for all who have been involved with the development and deployment of the Bloodhound MkI and MkII SAGW systems.