The BMPG team have all previously had first-hand Bloodhound engineering experience, either in the Royal Air Force, BAC, or Ferranti Ltd.

Honorary President: Group Captain Andrew Battye, OBE (RAF Retd).  Andy has accepted our offer to represent us as our President following the death of David Farrar. 
Management Team:
Peter Harry
Neil Cartman
Mike Strange, BSc
Team Specialists:
Peter Murray, LCP engineering
Richard Vernon, Historian and archivist

Our achievements would not have been possible were it not for the people who have helped us with their skills, knowledge and, above all, their willingness to get stuck into the job to achieve the high standard we have set ourselves; may thanks to you all.

Honorary President (Deceased): David J. Farrar, OBE, MA, C.Eng, FRAeS, Hon FIED (founding Bloodhound development engineer, Bristol Aeroplane Company and Technical Director GW Divison of the British Aircraft Corporation) . A page about David and some of his papers can be found here. We have learnt that David sadly passed away on 16 April 2021 at home in Australia.
David Farrar